Thursday, 12 June 2014

Back in Wollaton

I'm back campaigning in Nottingham after spending virtually a month of my time in Newark. Yesterday I spent the evening knocking on doors on and around Runswick Drive in Wollaton. The weather was perfect and we got a lot of surveys done with a lot of issues raised which Jane and the Conservative Wollaton Cllrs will be tackling. Pavements again was raised as an issue. Perhaps Nottingham City Council should put some money into this? It seems to be a massive problem in Wollaton, I hope this can gets sorted.

It was good to see a lot of Conservative support yesterday I hope all the votes Jane is garnering really pays off come election day. I also met a fair few Green party voters, very interesting. Mind you the Green Party's first candidate for the recent Euro elections was from Wollaton, I hope you like that plug Duncan.

It was also good to see yesterday that 2 million more people are now employed by the private sector than under the last Labour Government. In fact more people are employed in this country now than have ever been before. In my opinion this is an outstanding achievement and the amount is more than I expected would happen. I would also like to say to counter act the moaning minnies of the left-wing that around 90% of these jobs are full time, not zero hours contracts or part time work. Furthermore the vast majority of the 2 million figure are British workers. Unlike what UKIP has said in trying to scaremonger, there are not 2 million more Bulgarians and Romanians 'after your jobs' in the UK.

All in all a good day, and to top it off Jane bought us a drink in the local pub. Cheers to Jane and to the Chancellor who has cut beer duty.

Cheers George for your cut in beer duty.

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