Monday, 23 June 2014

#RoadTrip2015 Great Yarmouth

From across the country Conservatives over the weekend came together to fight for a proper Tory government. From as far away as Manchester, Nottingham and Weston-super-Mare they gathered to help win the seat of Great Yarmouth for the Conservatives. The current MP there is the great Tory Brandon Lewis who has worked hard over the last 4 years to serve the people in his constituency. We wanted to give this super MP a hand in our first seaside Road Trip.

People came by train, coach and car to get to Great Yarmouth with some fun adventures on the way. 

And of course there was the now customary stop off at KFC on the way down.

However, there was one splitter who couldn't be bothered to travel all the way to Great Yarmouth. Love you Mo.

So the day of campaigning then began and as mentioned in the above tweets Sam Armstrong, NUCA's treasurer, was keeping his 100% of turning up to all of the Road Trips. He holds this joint title with Stephen 'The Hoff' Hoffman of being the most keen to go on a Road Trip. Of course Mark Clarke, who runs the Road Trip, had to once again congratulate Sam on his hard efforts.

We spent the morning campaigning in and around Gorleston, a major town in the constituency. We were canvassing people's opinions on local issues and whether they would support Brandon again in the 2015 General Election. It was nice to see that a lot of people will be voting for Brandon and are pleased with what he has done so far as an MP. 

As a reward for the large amount of work they had done some of the campaigners stopped off for a treat.

Of course after lunch we took that all important group photo to show the hundred or so activists in Great Yarmouth that day. I hope Labour, UKIP and the Lib Dems (if they're crazy enough to go on the offensive in Great Yarmouth) are watching.

We then went off to deliver newspapers about Brandon and the large amount of work he has done to thousands of residents across the constituency. A few of us also thought someone else would like to have a look at the newspaper.

All in all we came into contact with 20,000 households in Great Yarmouth. Well over half of Brandon's constituents was either spoken to, had a newspaper delivered or at the very least received a calling card when they were out. I hope local people will be happy to see how active their MP is and how keen we are to campaign for him.

We then went to have dinner at a great local fish and chip shop in Great Yarmouth. 100 rounds of cod and chips took a great amount of time to make but they were fantastic. 

It was also Brandon Lewis' birthday so he spent it with the 100 people who are helping to keep him in Parliament. Happy Birthday Brandon.

Brandon then thanked us all with a great speech. It was then ended in the traditional Road Trip way.

It was then off to celebrate our successful day in the pub for a pint or maybe four. Nigel Farage eat your heart out.

A few of us then went to try some of the arcade games. First and foremost Mahyar played the electric shock game but sadly the plot to get rid of him failed as he was still able to continue to the bar later on.

It was also nice to see a NUCA friend Di, who works for Brandon Lewis. She went to a few bars with us afterwards and got some really nice photos with Alex and I.

So we partied late and got up early. This really showed with Colonel Cooper who fell asleep on the seafront.

But it was no time for sleeping. Instead we went to have fun in the sand and at the Pleasure Beach.

It was great to see that the Tory Party big guns were also out supporting our campaigning. Road Trip is a great organisation long may it continue.

Road Trip is one of the highlights now of the Conservative year. People genuinely ask "when is the next one". Well don't worry the next one is in two weeks time and we're going to Portsmouth South. You can join up here.

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