Thursday, 19 June 2014

Campaigning, Conservatism and Cider in Wollaton

Yesterday we were out again in Wollaton campaigning for a Blue Nottingham. We were carrying out local surveys on Harrow Road, Wollaton Road, and some of the small streets leading off of them. The team was joined by councillor Georgina Culley who is a top rate local champion for her residents and the people of Nottingham. Georgina has been a councillor in Wollaton for longer than I have been alive; to be elected time and again even through the New Labour years shows how much she is respected by residents.

Sam and I with Georgina.

Some very interesting issues were raised by people in our campaigning session. One was that street cleaners are missing out the very top of Cambridge Road leading to a lot of weeds and litter on the pavements. Georgina will be chasing up the relevant people in the City Council to stop this corner being cut. It would take not much extra effort from the city's street cleaners.

Some of the team posing for a photo outside what seems to be the most Conservative house in Wollaton.

Georgina was very kind and treated us to a drink in the Wollaton pub after our session. It was a very hot day and a cider was very welcome. Thanks very much Cllr Culley.

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