Monday, 17 June 2013

Weekly Poll Lowdown

So it seems most people are a bit suspicious of Bilderberg. It is apparently a secret organisation, a real life illuminati. Most of you do see something dodgy going on there. At least most people have put down their Dan Brown books and have stopped looking for the new world order unlike Alex Jones. 22% of you don't worry about it at all, let the PM have a party.

Are You Worried About Bilderberg?

Yes, they are going to take over the world.
A little, something shady is going on.
Companies are getting too close to government but it is not a major conspiracy. 
Let the Prime Minister party and debate.

I'm not worried about the new world order and no its not because I'm a secret member or anything, it's mostly because I doubt it exists. I'm no expert but considering this plotting group has been around since time immemorial it is surprising how little we have seen of them, except in Tomb Raider. The US government can't even hide the sexual lives of former presidents, I bet the Bilderberg plot would have been seen by now in leaks or CDs left on a train. So Alex Jones is talking nonsense, how unusual.

Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld founded the Bilderberg group in 1954 to promote the Atlantic relationship.

Nor do I think there is really a massive transparency issue, there are 'secret' meetings all the time where not everything said there can be published. It allows for free and open debate and that is good considering some of the radical policies this country needs to save itself. I myself attend conferences where the Chatham House Rule is in place. We don't know, unless you were there, what ministers or MPs say during the YBF conference for instance yet there is no calls for transparency there or at any antithesis left-wing conferences. Bilderberg does say what is being said and publishes a lot of data online. They don't decide anything either, and when you see the line up of Ed Balls and George Osborne you can see why this is the case.

Chatham House, where anything goes but you can't say who said what.

But be slightly weary, this is a time when politicians and corporations mix. This isn't wrong, it can be beneficial to have politicians on the economic pulse. But remember power and money are a bad mix. Officially every interest has to be listed by members, but behind closed doors there is an opportunity for a favourable deal or two to happen. However, other evidence afterwards could show some sort of corruption and it doesn't. Perhaps statesmen should just be more open about what they discuss at Bilderberg, perhaps a move to Chatham House Rules if only to stop a very fat American blockading the entrance to the swanky hotels. 

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