Tuesday, 25 June 2013

#ThingsElliottSays Alternative Queen's Speech

Considering how everyone is doing it now I thought I'd have a go at writing #ThingsElliottSays Queen Speech for 2013. I haven't put down many economic Bills because as any chap should know this is done mostly during the Budget. Some Bills are a bit of fun. Comment below on what you think of them or any ideas I may have missed out.  

'My Lords, please be seated.'

Vince Cable (Ban) Bill- Ban Vince Cable from holding an office of state due to poor quality of management and doing nothing worth mentioning.

Business Department (Axe) Bill- Get rid of the department of Business, Innovation and Skills and share all duties between Education and the Treasury.

Energy and Fracking Bill- Permission to start fracking in Great Britain and cut of subsidies to renewable energy power sources.

Academies Plus Bill- Re-introduction of selective education based on merit into academy schools.

Boundary Change (Liberal Democrat) Bill- Bans Liberal Democrat MPs from voting on changes to boundaries in United Kingdom.

Great Gordon Brown Repeal Bill- Bill to bring back the 10p tax rate (sorry for copying Robert Halfon)

Direct Democracy and Right of Recall Bill- Bill to bring about yearly referenda on topics that have been highly petitioned to parliament. The Bill will also provide for a right of recall if 25% of constituents sign a petition calling for a by-election.

Great Repeal Bill (New Labour)- Bill to repeal many of the laws brought about by the last Labour Government in the name of counter terrorism.

Devolution Bill- Bill to stop all devolution of powers to the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly.

Local Government Bill- Abolition of 3 tier local government and split powers between Parish/Town and County Councils. County Councils would also receive greater powers from central government.

First Past The Post Bill- Law to make sure that all elections conducting in the United Kingdom for any level of government and public offices use first past the post.

European Union (Leave) Bill- Bill to leave the European Union.

Freedom (Smoking and Fox Hunting) Bill- Bill to reintroduce smoking on any properties owned privately and fox hunting in the countryside.

Lords Reform Bill- Creation of a sub chamber to the House of Lords on Parliament Green so that all peers can fit inside the House.  

I Think the Queen was very pleased with my speech, she is smiling after reading it. But what do you think?

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