Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Back for a By-election Update

So you may have been saying to yourself 'hey Elliott, where is your daily post?', or not in most cases. Well dear reader I have been busy helping James Spencer in Wollaton. James is the excellent Tory candidate in the Wollaton West by-election and I ask everyone who lives in the ward to back him. I also call upon all Conservatives of the world to unite in Nottingham to win this vital council position.

What a lovely place Wollaton is.

On Sunday we did a leaflet of some of the walks in Nottingham. We were going to do this on Harrow Road but we saw Labour leafleting there. Not wanting to share a road with them we went to another road. But why was Labour there? It may have something to do with the fact I said on my blog they had little support on Harrow Road, the Labour candidates own street (see http://thingselliottsays.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/out-again-in-wollaton.html ). Hello Labour peeps, how are you?

James out leafleting in Wollaton.

So anyway the next day and today we were leafleting. Of course we received support from all the Nottingham Conservatives but we got a fair amount from the University too. Thomas 'Big Cheese' Barlow, Jack 'Enoch' Walker and Luc 'Yankee' Chignell were all out helping James on Monday. It's good to see NUCA getting out there and I ask everyone who is a member to help out at some point. We managed to do most of the entire ward in a mere few hours, excellent news for our campaigning. However, Jack still has my rosette; if you're reading Jack I would like it back please.

Please give back my rosette.

Today we planned to do a lot and we did. We had done half an electoral division by 12pm. The weather was great and we did some really pleasant areas. One man refused to take my leaflets to save the Conservative Party money and said he would definitely vote for us like he has done at every other election. It is great to see the vast majority of people in the ward getting behind James. Let's hope that yet again the people of Wollaton choose the common sense of conservativism to represent their views.

The only cloud in the sky.

Please vote for James on Thursday.

Vote Conservative. Vote James Spencer.

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