Saturday, 1 June 2013

Out Again in Wollaton

Today I was out again in Wollaton West helping the excellent Conservative candidate James Spencer. We were joined by a massive campaign team made up of Conservative councillors, activists, students and Rowena Holland (the parliamentary candidate for Nottingham South). In the morning Rowena also brought her young son, who wearing a small rosette, helped us on the board when canvassing.

Part of the campaign team that helped us today. James is the very tall one.

In the morning we did a 'walk' next to Wollaton Park. Wollaton Hall, for all those who are not from Nottingham, is Wayne Manner in the recent Batman Films. The rumour on the ground is that Bruce Wayne is backing James, the greatest endorsement of any campaign. The walk was very successful with many people saying they will be voting for James on June 6th. It is important for the people of Wollaton West to come out or Labour may get in, and we don't want that.

Wollaton Hall (a.k.a. Batman's House)

After lunch we did another two 'walks' near and on Harrow Road. We passed the Labour candidates house, but it seems yet again that even on his own road only the minority support him.

But we also saw through the windows in porches a leaflet from the Militant Elvis Anti-HS2 Party. The candidate David Bishop travels the country standing in all sorts of elections from Eastleigh to Kettering and now Wollaton West. I would not vote for the Militant Elvis party but they certainly do keep the humour in the election, which is always most welcome.

Militant Elvis Party in Wollaton West.

Please vote for James Spencer on June 6th. To see one of his leaflets go to

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