Sunday, 30 June 2013

Stunt Man

Today Danny Alexander has been on the air decrying the EU Referendum Bill, introduced as a Private Member's Bill by James Wharton, as 'a parliamentary stunt'. Unsurprisingly then he and all the other Lib Dem MPs will not be in Parliament next week for the vote for it, just like Ed Miliband has told MPs. Their non attendance on such a crucial national matter is a political stunt to not recognise the motion itself is so large that I'm surprised they haven't paid for advertising space in all the major newspapers.

David Cameron is accused of being a stuntman. He may have had a small job in PR before but I doubt people believe a debate on Europe is a stunt.

Both Labour and Lib Dems are effectively saying that the EU debate itself is not legitimate, of no interest to them and therefore nobody should have a say on it. By taking the risk of not turning up they themselves have taken the idea of democracy and in front of everyone said how awful it is as they don't want the British people to have vote on the issue.

Labour and Liberal Democrats don't show a lot of care for democracy.

Why is that though, because anyone who speaks to people realises this is a big issue of the time? There are only two conclusions that can be drawn really. First is they think the people of this country are stupid. We, the great masses of the people, cannot decide on how our country should be governed. This is a very risky strategy for Labour if they want to win a majority from a public that is mostly eurosceptic. For the Lib Dems too there are problems because the rejection of their ideas of 'liberalism' and 'social democracy' will dwindle into obscurity along with the party.

Danny Alexander is seemingly shocked that the people have the right to decide what happens in the country.

Secondly they don't believe the arguments for staying in the EU are ones that people benefit from, they're only in it for themselves. Self interest from personal benefit and their ideas of a collective Europe and a bigger state so that they are in charge is more important than democracy and actually better lives for people. No wonder Lib and Lab MEPs did not back the budget cut to the EU until very recently. It would be easier to see why they don't back any democratic changes to the country that actually gives people more power. The idea of power over people seems to be a big feature of Left wing politics and this is yet again paraded out.

The biggest move to get noticed by the other two parties on the position of Europe is seemingly the lack of democracy and debate on the issue. They want to send out a bizarre message of power away from people and have put it in lights and get lots of dancing girls to parade around it. To me this seems to be a bigger stunt, but one that is peculiar in telling voters they have no right in deciding what goes on in the country.

The Biggest stunt is surely demanding a referendum on Europe and then not doing so when in power.

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