Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Voting Time For The Euros

Today I sent off my postal vote for the European elections and surprise, surprise I voted for the Conservatives.

A very long list of choices.

With such large constituencies for the Euro elections the ballot paper was over a foot long. Parties such as the 'harmony party' we're appearing on the ballot to try make a break through into politics. Another interesting new party is called 'An Independence From Europe'. This party is filled with all the cast offs from UKIP who now hate the party for a large number of reasons. Furthermore the party is first on the ballot paper, a cunning use of 'an' when it wasn't really needed. I bet UKIP are very happy with this.

So why am I voting for the Conservatives? As many you will know I do not like the European Union in its current state. In fact if I had a choice I'd definitely leave the EU now. I'm not really worried about immigration, although there are some problems there, what I worry about is trade. We are essentially in a European cartel which barely trades with anyone outside of Europe. Not a good idea when the European economy is shrinking faster than a mock Nick Clegg in a Labour party political broadcast. The future is global trade and we need to embrace that if we want to continue to have a high standard of living in this country.

Thank god then the Conservatives will let me have a say on Europe. I, like a very large portion of the population, have never had a vote on a signal thing about the EU. It's time I am allowed, with the rest of Britain, to tell politicians what I think. We should back this referendum en masse to make sure it happens. A vote for UKIP in the Euros is not going to make sure Dave has this referendum even more. He wants to and will do it. All it will mean is worse MEPs in Brussels which will be brilliant when it comes to trying to re-negotiate and maybe leave the EU. A worse position for Britain all around.

I've done a fair bit of campaigning for the Euros with two of my friends who are both 5th on the Conservative list to become MEPs. Tom Hunt, in the East, and Brendan, in the East Midlands, have been very active in trying to get people to vote for the Conservatives.

Tom out campaigning in Peterborough.

Brendan at the pub in Wollaton.

So what are the Conservatives chances of doing well in these elections? Well don't get your hopes up, despite my impassioned plea a lot of people will still be voting UKIP. Why? It's a protest and people never care about European elections very much. People in an office very far away make decisions not many people have influence over so its seen an election that doesn't really count (although considering the up and coming referendum it really does this time). The Conservatives have been third in most of the polls. However, recently things have got better with an ICM poll putting us first on 27%, I was very surprised. Maybe Labours terrible EU campaign and a bit of a re-invigoration of what the Tories are doing is making a difference?

Perhaps then things are picking up. I doubt we'll win but it does seem the message of only the Conservatives can offer you a referendum on the EU is working. Please go out there and vote Conservative to bring this goal closer.

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