Monday, 19 May 2014

Tom Hunt Campaigns Across The East

After the success of my last post, here is another photo round up about what my friend Tom Hunt has been doing in his campaigning efforts as 5th of the list to be a Conservative MEP in the East. Tom has really made huge efforts to get around the whole region from the North Norfolk coast to the London commuter towns. Let's see where he has been.

A few days ago Tom went to Bishops' Stortford where he came across Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe. Of course he went into canvass to see if the sweet shop owners are on side and I'm pleased to report they are. I love these sort of shops so let's hope Tom has saved me some liquorice torpedoes.

Tom also went Borehamwood with Geoffrey Van Orden MEP where they spotted in a car park one of the famous Conservative posters for the European Elections. Remember it's only the Conservatives that can deliver the country an in-out referendum on Europe. Be sure to vote for that on Thursday.

Having taken a break from appearing on Towie as 'man in background', Stephen Canning joined Tom Hunt as he campaigned in Braintree. There was a lot of support of the ground from the Braintree Tories and hopefully this will thus be a strong area in the elections. How very Reem.

Tom is not one to shy away from a debate and promote the fact that the Conservatives want either a heavily reformed EU or for us to leave. He thus took on other party representatives in a debate at King's College, Cambridge. Doesn't the UKIP man look grumpy.

Tom also went to his home town of Ely to campaign in the town centre with both Geoffrey Van Orden MEP and David Campbell Bannerman MEP. Tom is a councillor in Ely South Ward where he works very hard. He hopes that his constituents will come out and vote for him again in the EU elections.

Tom has also been near to where I live in Gorefield where he and all the other MEP candidates spoke to residents about the EU and answered questions. This was at the time of the Roman Bank by-election, won by cool Conservative Sam Clark. This event was enjoyed by all and afterwards the Euro-candidates gave Sam a hand and did a bit of campaigning for her.

Tom was back with David Campbell Bannerman with a street stall in Hitchin market place. I guess by this time Tom has handed out tens of thousands of the Euro leaflets. I hope that they convince enough people to back the Conservatives in up and coming elections to keep the pressure of the Eurocrats.

Tom then went to Rochford and Southend with James Dudridge MP. Other notable campaigners include Andrew Thorpe-Apps who has been doing a lot of good work in the south of the region. Also there's a guy in tweed I recognise from Nottingham. Not quite sure what he does in the Conservative Party, probably just a very keen activist. Maybe he'll get a role on the NUCA committee next year, who knows?

Back with Geoffrey Van Orden wearing out the leather on the streets of Thetford. Tom has been to all the edges and now the centre of the Eastern region.

Tom was joined by Mark Prisk MP to campaign in Ware, Hertfordshire. I wonder who 'Keith Ian' is.

And finally Tom visited Welwyn Garden City which was built by Ebenezer Howard in the 1920s. Tom enjoyed some chicken tikka and rice in a break before he ventured out on the campaign trail again.

As you can see Tom has been very busy. It would be a shame not to vote for someone who has worked so hard. I really want to see hard work rewarded so please vote Conservative this Thursday.

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